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sunshine? >> yes, we are. a good day today. sun mixing with clouds. >> we can't take you seriously here. >> reporter: this is fine, fine, fine. let's get going with the weather this morning on this thursday. we are looking at clouds mixing with sunshine. the temperatures, up into the 90s. low to mid-90s depending on how much sunshine is filtering in through the clouds, and it will be increasingly more humid throughout the day. humidity from the south. clouds we are watching from ohio and michigan and pennsylvania, and streaming over the region now, but the story will be the humid. still the comfortable temperatures. still 80 or 79 now. leesburg, 66: and along with frederick, 63 in winchester. monika samtani, you will -- you are a rock star. >> rock on! i love them. the first accident of the
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morning, yellow light. we will go live to the district to show you what is going on southwest. an accident on the eastbound side of independence avenue right here. it looks like it's been cleared, no problems right now at 7th street. we will go over to the beltway and show you what it looks like. things are looking fine all around town. we will zoom in to take a live look at 66 on the infound side. a bit of a volume on 234. everything is looking fine over to the beltway. back over to the beltway, this time we will zoom in to 95 on the northbound side. again, just the volume right now. the live look from the prince william parkway up to i-70 is the heavy spot otherwise fine into springfield. the outer loop of the beltway, 10 minutes. 95, no problems for 216 to the beltway. 9 minutes right now. 295 to the 11th street bridge,
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7 minutes. in my next report, a fly of the dallas toll road at 6:11. backthank you. -- thank you. president obama rolling out new fuel standards for cars. new standards will gradually be phased in blue the year -- phased in by the year of 2025. the flight attendants want the public to see how their jobs have changed, and you can check it out today in terminal c from 1:00 to 5:00. the national mall will have iconic items on display from the hard rock. it will be at 3rd street and southwest from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. also today the u.s. house will vote on the republican plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. >> it's expected to be led by the gop house, but it's
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expected to be dead on arrival in the senate. >> just 5 days until we hit the debt ceiling. the vote was delayed for a day while john boehner refigured out his plan. it will cut the same amount of spending as the cuts in the next decade. >> i moved from lean undecided to lean yes. >> it's an important vote, and every member needs to be confident in the vote they place. harry reid has his own plan as well. the democrat from nevada wants to cut $2 trillion from the deficit and raise the debt ceiling. he said he will mix elements of his plan with john boehner's plan. as we get closer to the deadline, it's affecting the world financial markets while you slept there was a selloff. the market in shanghai dropped
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1.5%. the dow was down 1.5 points, and nasdaq fell 2%. s&p 500 dropping 2%. the check is in the mail for 300 residents of a small prince william county town. they are getting refunds because of the budget surpluses. surplus. it's a community of 1200 people. homeowners are getting $150 to $400 back depending on the value of their homes. the town council voted to give back more than $150,000 in budget surplus. the checks should arrive in the next couple of weeks. road improvements are coming to bethesda, just in time for thousands of new workers coming to the national naval med value center -- medical center. the state will ease traffic on jonesboro road, and they hope to get paid by -- back by the
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federal government. the nfl lockout is over, anded redskins begin their training camp today. >> what would football be without controversy, how about a quarterback controversy. >> like who will it be. >> kristin phisher is live in northwest washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the end of an era, the end of the donovan mcnabb era, and boy, it was short lived. yesterday he was shipped off to the minnesota vikings, reallying marking the end of the rough 13-month relationship with mcnabb and coach shanahan. many of his teammates said they were shocked by the way the relationship played out, and they were sad to see him go. >> i would be lying to say i wasn't surprised or i wasn't shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was, but like i said, it was a decision made by coach,
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and he made it for the betterment of the team, and you don't question that. >> to see a guy who has been a probowler six times coming in to win more games, but it didn't work out because relationships broke down, he's not here. you can't focus on that. you have to continue to move forward. >> reporter: the mcnabb trade was just one of many changes made yesterday. the team also signed a trio of receivers. former raven stallworth and stokley among them. that brought the number on the roster to 14. they also signed josh wilson. it was a very busy day of wheeling and dealing and the big question, today, of course, who will be the redskins' starting quarterback? we will talk about that at
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6:30. mike i know you hate the does pence, but that's why they call it a tease. >> i don't think it's a question that will be easily answered. thank you, kristin. if you would like to check out training camp, you to wait until saturday. open practices every day july 0 july 0th to august 10th except for sundays. practice will begin at 8:30. however you need to go to to print out a free invitation to the camp to get in. again, it's free, but you have to print this out. circle august 6th on the calendar as well. burgundy and gold will have fan appreciation day that day. today vincent gray will announce the expansion of the city's pay by phone program, allowing you to pay for meters with your cell phone or through an app on your smart phone. hopefully you will be able to avoid parking tickets. if you have old ones, the city will offer an amnesty program. starting monday any ticket
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issued before 2010 can be paid without any of the additional tickets. they will come from parking tickets and red light and speeding cameras. which part of the area has the most overdue tickets? >> 17.4% district residents. 37.6% maryland residents, 22.7% virginia residents, and the remaining is all the rest of the united states. >> okay, well, again the amnesty program begins monday through january 27th. 6:08, a look at what is ahead in this hour of 9 news now. >> in 4 minutes, cutting the wedding budget without cutting the alert. a commuter alert for red line riders. when a major project will replace the escalators at the bethesda location.
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>> howard with your 9 news weather when we return.
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6:11 on this thursday morning. clouds micking mic mix -- mixing with sunshine. low to mid-90s if we get enough sunshine, and the slight chance to see a storm headed into this evening. monika samtani, no storms on the roads yesterday? >> no problems. things are looking great, no problems all the way to the beltway. in my next report, a look at maryland roads. back to you. thank you, monika.
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officials in norway say the man who surrendered to the killing spree in norway surrendered as soon as the police got to him. >> the video from inside of a store shows the moment a bomb hit last friday. the boxes go off the store shelves, people are running, and last night another public memorial was held for the 78 victims. the man confessing to the crimes said he wanted to stop muslim immigration into norway. a crowd angry about a canceled event stormed the streets and two people were arrested but no one was hurt. this game show host ran down a burglar who is alex trebek? he ran after a woman who took cash from his hotel room.
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he injured his achilles tendon and will have to have surgery tomorrow. jessica doyle with your money report. >> reporter: bridesmaid dresses can be really expensive, $200 to $300, do you really ever wear them again? ever? there's an option to save money there and other ways too as the big day approaches. >> it's expensive. >> reporter: planning a wedding in the washington area is way expensive. >> we have gone way higher than our original estimates. >> reporter: but she has found one way to trim the budget. she is renting designer dresses for her wedding shower and rehearsal dinner. >> just like netf lyric ix you -- netflix you go to our website and pick the dress and then you just mail it back. >> i can just give it back at
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the end of the day. >> reporter: not only can she experiment with fashion, but she is saving cash. >> it retails for $2,000, and i'm getting it for 150. >> reporter: you can rent the designer bridesmaid dresses for just a fraction of the cost. >> they are just 10% of the retail price. it's the quintessential dress you only wear once. >> i don't think i have ever wore my bridesmade dresses again. -- bridesmaid dress again. >> reporter: you can send your dress to, and you can get credit for a little black dress. >> we have great jewelry. you can get necklaces, earrings, rings, anything you think will make your outfit and dress that much extra special. >> reporter: a beautiful wedding at a beautiful price.
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rent the runway is free to join. once you're a member, you pick a dress, and you get a backup dress for free. you can pick out two and get a backup dress for just $25. these bridesmaid dresses you rent just for 100 bucks up. >> but those dresses were beautiful. >> i wonder if people do that for special occasions? >> absolutely. >> sounds good. >> you look good. >> thank you, mike. i could use another little black dress. you can never go wrong it that. weatherwise, clouds from the north and west. high thin clouds fighting a couple of battles for this thursday. temperatures climbing quickly into the upper 80s by noon. winds southeast to southerly at 5 to 10. that will help push the muggies back. you will feel the temperatures a lot more today than the last couple of afternoons when it was nice and dry.
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big storms up around detroit this morning. it goes back through chicagoland, and it's moving into moving into the western pennsylvania, looking like all the moisture will be north of the mason dickson line. an isolated storm in maryland or west virginia. 63 in winchester. cumberland, a comfortable 61. upper 60s across the bay in easton, and in town, we have 79 degrees, and humidity levels are climbing. dew point, 66. mostly sunny skies, and the barometer is continuing to rise at 30.02. chicago tobacco north of des moines to southern wisconsin, the showers are moving east. the clouds are forecasted to stream in across the region, especially north more than south throughout the day with an isolated storm this evening. tomorrow with the daytime heating, and the temperatures
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near 100. we cannot rule out the afternoon storms in spots with the intense heat and humidity, and then front will come through on saturday. a storm mainly south, but temperatures low to mid-90s on saturday. 94 today, mix of clouds and sunshine, and tomorrow around 100. could be 101 to 102 south and west. the afternoon storm is possible. saturday, 94. looking like we will have a chance of a few more afternoon storms on sunday, monday, and tuesday with the highs in the low to mid-90s. 6:00 hour, volume is picking up, that can't be good monika. >> luckily we have no big deal out there. the beltway, and you have got all the green cars, no real delays, zooming in to the outer loop of the beltway. you have volume. a live look. you will hit the breaks basically from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue before the pace improves over to 270. that's not too bad out there. another look at the beltway.
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this time zooming in to the other side of town, looking down in prince george's county. you no problems no brandywine or bowie. the dallas toll road to the beltway, 6 minutes. beltway to 395, 15 minutes right now. over to the wilson bridge, 7 minutes at this time in my next report, a look at 395 at 6:25. mike and surae. >> 6:18. next in sports, a sign of possible progress as the nba tries to end their lockout. the question of the morning, 10% of men admit they cannot do this one thing, throw a ball, change a flat tire or prepare a meal? >> jean thinks it's the guys who never learn from their dad. i'm 39 and my dad would never let me get my license until i could park on the street and
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change a tire without breaking a fingernail. >> we will have the conversation coming up later. as we go to break, let's listen to the bad interruption. students are attending a summer camp called day jams. ♪ trying to make sure i don't mess it up tonight. ♪ i've got to let my thoughts flow. gotta let myself go. ♪ gotta get it right tonight ♪what if everything goes wrong, or i make a mistake ♪
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just about 23 after 6:00 on this thursday morning. the muggies will be coming back. thatry not there yet in panhandle, but down south feeling the humidity level on the rise. with enough sun we will get to 95 or 96 and even hotter on friday. more in a few minutes but mike, over to you. >> thank you, howard. the nationals and marlins marlins have a matinee today. >> there the nats hope to snap the 4-game losing streak, their longest in 2 months. >> boy did the marlins pile it on yesterday. mike cameron with the 2-run shot in the 9th making it 7-1. that was important because the nats staged a rally in the bottom of the 9th. the single to right, two runs score on this, and then with the chance to tie it up, lance
6:24 am
knicks digging in at the plate, and boom! you can hear the announcer, there it goes. just a couple of feet short. oh, man! d.c. falling to florida. did you catch this video during tuesday night's game? a praying mantis is on the railing of the dugout. he jumped on to lawrence. he freaks out but apparently the rest of the team kept their composure they won it. the nba is working to end its labor problems. espn reporting the league and its player union will meet on monday. the first meeting since the lockout began on july 1st. the biggest issue, of course, money. it will threaten the nba games for the first time since 1998. last night in new jersey, the mml all stars took on the
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international team from across the pond. the next game is against toronto. we are talking football next. the redskins get a look at the offense opening up training camp today. today is national chili dog day. where else would you go but ben's chile bowl -- chili bowl. they will be in the kitchen here coming up. monika,. >> 395, leaving duke street to seminary road, we are good to go. my next report, a look at district roads. you are watching 9 news now. stay with us.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at we are back at 6:29. this is the place you will always get your weather first. check out this gorgeous sunrise shot. wow, from over the patomi -- -- patomac river. >> monika is in this morning.
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>> howard bernstein is here. >> it was such a deep blue yesterday. you don't see that nice blue often in the summertime. trying to get the lighter blue, the haziness. it's coming back, along with the clouds and the moisture in the form of humidity. maybe we will see a storm tomorrow afternoon. slight, slight chance this afternoon up north. your day player this thursday. temperatures upper 80s by noon. air quality, that's gone down from yesterday. code orange, unhealthy for the sensitive groups. sun is setting at 8:23 this evening. you will notice the clouds moving in from the northwest, streaming east, southeast, and we are getting some of these at time. startly to mostly cloudy, and it looks like most of the rain will be north. low 60s in the mountains. upper 70s in town. lauden county to montgomery county, 70 degrees for gaithersburg. 68 going into the low to mid-
6:31 am
90s depending on how much sunshine there is. monika? >> we have changed the lights to yellow because we have one accident. it's on the rush hour flow, but i think it's worth taking a look. live on the westbound side of 66. the accident is just out of this camera shot in the two left lanes for route 50. a car spun out there, and authorities are working to get it out of the way. good to go from route 50 to the beltway. the beltway, zooming in to the district, and we will take a tour to show you what summertime traffic looks like. that's what it looks like. on pennsylvania avenue southeast, no problems in this corridor. 66, coming across the roosevelt bridge this morning headed into constitution avenue northwest, you will be okay as well. now let's look at your trains. everything on metro v.r.e. and mark are running on time. in my next report, all around
6:32 am
the area at 6:36. we are just 5 days away from the government defaulting on its debt. >> today the house will vote on a gop-backed plan, but it's not expected to go far. the plan would raise the debt ceiling, cutting the deficit by $900 billion, but senate democrats said it's dead on arrival. harry reid is devising his own plan, and he is willing to combine with it with the house plan to try to make a compromise that could pass. americans of all political stripes are not happy with what is going on, phone lines are jammed on capitol hill. "the early show" will have much more on the debate at the top of the hour. fairfax county police have released new pictures of the man they believe is responsible for a strain of slashings at area malls. look good at this. police suspect this guy has atacted at least five men since february. three of the women were attacked at the fair oaks mall. the latest incident happened on
6:33 am
monday. he distracted his victims and then moves in to cut them with a razor blade or box cutting blade. training camp opens today with the redskins, and kristie is -- kristin is cracking -- tracking the developing news. >> reporter: the changes keep on coming. this just in from espn, apparently albert haynesworth has just been traded to the new england patriots in exchange for a 2013 5th round pick. this comes just one day after a bunch of changes including donovan mcnabb. the front page of the spores section on the washington post. the headline, mcnabb is 1 and done. this morning, i put the question to as many redskin
6:34 am
fans as i could find. what do they think of the fact he is moving to the minnesota vikings? most people are split, but the two people i found think it's a good deal for mcnabb but bad for the redskins. >> i think it's good for donovan mcnabb. the redskins last year treated him badly. it's good for him. >> he was one of the best players, one of the best quarterbacks we had for a long time, and he has been doing a lot for the redskins, so i don't feel right. >> reporter: and of course who will replace don mcnabb? coach likes beck. he has been here since his rookie year in '07. and then grossman is still an unrestricted free agent. that person will be the team's
6:35 am
17th starting quarterback in just 13 seasons. just a huge turn around, and one more time, just want to reiterate the breaking news about the latest change to the redskins' roster, espn is reporting that albert haynesworth has just been traded to the new england patriots in exchange for a 2013 5th round draft pick. so many changes going on. three new receivers yesterday. mcnabb out, haynesworth out, who knows what this day will bring. >> producer dan told me about it because he knew i would be mad he was going to the patriots. thank you! >> i'm a patriots fan in addition to the redskins supporters. the date that fans should circle on the calendar, saturday, august 6th -- why does he have to go to the patriots? first preseason game august 12th against the steelers. first regular season game, also
6:36 am
at home, sunday september 11th against the new york giants. we are tracking a health alert. a new study finds cell phone use does not increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. swiss researchers looked at hundreds of brain cancer patients and they concluded the patients were not more likely to have brain tumors compared to noncell phone users. >> the question is the child who begins using a cell phone at 7 or age 12, when they are 47, after four decades of using the cell phone, is their risk of developing brain cancer higher? >> a world health organization panel recently concluded it was possible that cell phones could cause cancer. >> well get ready for a big project on some big metro escalators. the transit agency will replace three entrance escalators on the red line. the project will start in early 2014.
6:37 am
right now metro is replacing three escalators. escalators at dupont will also eventually be replaced. the county and vdot will be spending $6 million to expand four parts of the road from sterling boulevard and route 50 on route 28. 6:37 is your time right now. jessica doyle watching your money. >> she is watching the things we love to complain about. >> complaining feels good. it's like getting poison out. >> reporter: consumers have a lot to complain about. consumers say shopping for cars or auto repairs leads to false advertising or faulty auto repairs. number two, the debt and credit card industry. consumers complain of harassing
6:38 am
debt collectors, fraudulent mortgages, and excessive fees. we have home improvement and retail sales number three. they complain the construction companies will not finish the jobs, and when they did, it was not done correctly. retail sales, defaulty merchandise and false advertising. a top internet phone provider will allow customers to make phone calls for a cell phone, not just the internet. it will not cost you extra. extensions will be available to existing customers. they hope to attract new customers. >> the sun is up, the pool is open, and work may be the last place you want to be. one in four employers think their workers are less productive in the summer. a new survey finds half think their ploys have burn out. 30% say their employees and their staff has been more productive since the recession
6:39 am
began, and that's because they are worried people will lose their jobs. >> that's probably part of the burnout. >> it all comes in together. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> the humidity and the heat on the rise again. >> up next, howard is checking out the weekend forecast. keep it here with 9 news now. it's another great day, another great day, and this is willie jolly. setback to the greenback. don't panic or fall apart. focus your energy on winning. are you ready to go to war and win? i hope you said yes. no power in a panic. panic robs you of your ability to think clearly with a clear set of options. if you cannot think clearly your chances of success decline. once panic sets in, people
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cannot follow the lead. during the stock market crash of 1929, thousands of people panicked and there was an epidemic of poor choice and bad decisions, people jumped off buildings, and took guns to commit suicide not realizing the market would come back. this is willy jolly. visit my website and make this a great day. beth!
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hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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weather first now coming up on 6:43 and change. mr. bernstein is here. >> reporter: not too bad. today will be okay. a little hot, but tomorrow we could break records with 99 being the record high at international. >> really? >> reporter: yeah, we will make a run up in that neighborhood. we don't like that, but it will be a short visit this time. then back to low 90s for the weekend. today's forecast, sunshine and
6:44 am
clouds, mixing up to 80-degree mark here into the early hours this morning, about 9:00, and noontime, 89, and then headed to 5:00, 92. we are going to be in the low to maybe mid-90s if we can get enough sunshine, and that will be a battle with the high clouds from the northwest and how thick they stay out of pennsylvania. lower 70s fredericksburg. low 60s from winchester to cumberland and oakland. hay market, middle 60s. lubbock, gorgeous morning. same for gaithersburg, and college park at 70. 79 at regan national. feeling like 81 with the dew point at 66. not bad but getting muggier. the high clouds i'm talking about, coming from the storms across the great lakes, the midwest, and they are moving mainly east. it's not out of the question as you get to the mason dickson
6:45 am
line this afternoon, early this afternoon we will get a storm sneaking south. that does look like lesser storms this afternoon. cumberland, perhaps you will see a storm from that. the heat and humidity really building on friday. then midday, popping thunderstorms with the heat and humidity. a front slipping to us for saturday. may touch off a shower or storm, but the better chances south of town on saturday. that will knock the chances down to low to mid-90s, but this is dawn. tropical storm that formed yesterday. not terribly organized by the west northwest, water is warm, and it's forecasted to strengthen to 6 to '0-- 60 to 65 before making land fall. this could change a bit, and we will be watching it. looking a the -- looking at the next 3 days, we will skip that, but the chance of a storm on friday and again on sunday.
6:46 am
94 today. 100 tomorrow. the chance of those afternoon storms, and then back to 94 on saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday, low to mid-90s with mainly afternoon storm chances and still hot on wednesday with the high of 94. monica is --monika is in. >> it's the green light. it's summer traffic, and it should be the green light. with he go around town to show you what it looks like. live looks around town. first of all on 95. it's just the slow traffic to the mixing bowl with the lanes open. the beltway in virginia on the inner loop side, you have just got slow traffic. the northbound side of the beltway, looking fine. to 270 in maryland, a couple of slow stretches to route 109. then you good to go all the way to the point where the lanes divide. 95 and the v.w.
6:47 am
parkway, both incident free. all the green cars mean everything looks okay down to the beltway. a last look at the district on the inbound side of new york avenue. no issues here as you leave new york avenue, and the time is building to blathesburg road. looking around the area at 6:58. back to you. all right, monica. we are so excited. today is national chili dog day, and we are honored because we have virginia ali, such a privilege for you to be here. you're the founder and widow of ben ali. the legendary shop in the district. you will teach us how to make the perfect chili dog, right? >> of course i am. i have been doing it since 1968. >> long time, right? >> not a very difficult job. >> you have to do it the right way. >> get a nicely steamed bun, and then put in your chili dog. you to remember we have the beef dog, the turkey dog,
6:48 am
regular dog. >> which is that? >> a beef dog. this is a half smoke. >> let me do the half smoke. >> okay, put it right up in the bun. >> which one is your favorite? >> the beef dog, that's why i'm preparing this one. >> and then a dab of mustard here. >> it goes on first, that's key. >> you can try that one. i like onions. do you like onions? >> a few not as much. >> just put a few on then. and then the legendary chili sauce. >> that's a secret, right? are you going to tell us any secrets? >> no. >> it's been 50 years why would you do that. >> exactly, but i do want you to try it. >> can we bring in ben already? -- benard? he's the historian of ben's chili. he will teach us how to
6:49 am
properly eat it. >> you're going to have this one? >> sure, what i can do is demonstrate for you. the important thing is positioning the dog first so you need some elbow room. >> oh, gosh. >> secondly the grip. you have to grip it properly which you have done it very well. you don't want to slip any of the sauce out. thirdly, it's the leveling. level it properly so you don't spill the sauce. >> is this good? >> and then you have to enter it at the 45-degree angle. >> so like 3:00? >> and most importantly it's the bite. the bite on the canines on the side. >> not the front? >> no, on the side. those are the five steps on how to properly eat the chili dog. >> that works. >> now i know how to eat the chili dog. >> you can get all this at george washington university. we have all the archives, we have an exhibit, and we have all the techniques on how to
6:50 am
properly eat a chili dog. thank you. >> thank you, bernard, virginia, thank you. so great to be here. now you know how to eat a chili dog. >> howard accident over to you. >> the united airlines travel forecast. looking good at this hour. 69 degrees, and winds are calm. good visibility. taking off this morning that will be good. going into chicago, they could have delays with storms this morning. 91 degrees. hot in social security luis. denver storms possible later on at 87, and the southwest, pheonix 109. vegas, 104. the west coast looking nice again. l.a., 71. heat inland by reno and boise in the 90s. seattle looking good, and sunshine high temperatures 78.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
welcome back. it's 6:53. upper 80s to mid-90s around lunchtime. mid-90s depending on the cloud cover we get. mike and surae over to you. >> thursday, july 28th, check of the news before you go. >> albert haynesworth has been traded to the patriots. they will get a 5th round pick in 2013 in exchange.
6:54 am
the son of marion barry admitted to having bags of pot and a bag of pcp. he will be sentenced next month. the international space station will be crashing down to earth in 15 years. nasa say the the plan has always been to let it fall out of orbit, burn up, and crash into the pacific. we ask you, 10% of all men did admit they cannot do this one thing, is it throw a ball, change a flat or make dinner? duane said if a man cannot do all those things, he's worthless. the answer is b., change a flat. always a good skill to have, but 10% of the men cannot do that. up next, one more check on thursday's weather and traffic. keep it right here for 9 news now.
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special edition of one more thing today. one more chili dog is what we will call it instead. ben's chili bowl is here to celebrate national chili dog day. >> don't forget 45-degree angle on the canines. >> this is good. >> so good! >> thank you, virginia ali for coming, and bernard telling us the history and skills of eating. >> excellent, excellent, excellent. howard can you do weather and eat at the same time? >> reporter: i sure can. temperatures today in the low to mid-90s. tomorrow, 100. that could be record breaking. chance of afternoon storms, and then the weekend a few storms
6:59 am
monday into tuesday afternoon. monika. >> if you're on your way to ben's chili bowl, there's an accident on the left lane. northbound 395, disabled vehicle on the right shoulder, and as you leave the beltway, watch out. outer loop closed 95 to georgia. >> jessica. >> we want to tell folks intern julie, it's her last day. what are the markets looking like? >> stocks look like they will be lower sadly so. thank you guys, i miss you already. >> thank you. >> "the early show" is coming up next. they will talk about the debit ceiling of course that is affecting the stocks and everything else, and something about a message in a bottle found decades later. pretty wild. >> we will continue to eat. >> monika and i will be back at 7:25. we will see you all tomorrow morning dark and early at 4:25.
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